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The Wild West

April 8, 2020

I’ve been thinking this week about how I might reach out to people, communicate about this time in history and what life is like in my own little corner of the world. Current events that tie into other topics I’m passionate about. Namely, art, design and communications.

Why “The Wild West”?

I’m a California girl, listening to the news each day, trying to make sense of this coronavirus epidemic. I've listened to elected leaders, Gov. Gavin Newsom of my home state, and Gov. Phil Murphy, of New Jersey, discussing how the Federal Government isn’t coordinating with suppliers who manufacture needed PPEs (personal protective equipment) for it’s citizens. Instead big cities and many states are having to bid and then out-bid each other to get supplies of gowns, gloves and masks for their health care workers. WTF? No rules, no guidelines, no sheriff. So if no one is coordinating safety efforts on behalf of the nation, as theses governors say, "It's Like the wild west."

Along this subjecct, I found a link to a talented artist, Wendy MacNaughton, whose image of a masked woman caught my eye. You can read more about her illustrated journalism here.

Life Inside and Out of Work

Like many of you, most of my work has come to a grinding halt. As a set designer, the three theater productions I had in the queue have been scrapped. The one outdoor play is still on, but honestly I can’t see how we’ll be past this crisis by June. I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

Designs for events and conferences are also cancelled for the foreseeable future. An online panel discussion, hosted by BizBash, featured discussions with event business leaders about the future of this industry. Whatever happens, nothing will be the same going forward. Check out the interview here.

Look for more updates from the left coast to inform and, hopefully, amuse you. Also, check out changes to my website, and sign up for more blogs and news from Lynn Grant Design.

And follow me on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn to get be informed and stay in touch.

Keep yourself safe and healthy.

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