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Living the Victorian Life

April 25, 2017

Getting the chance to study architectural history over the past few years, I discovered how much I love the subject. John Wilson's Historical Styles: Decor class, at San Francisco State University, gave me the beginning of, what I hope, is a lifelong interest in the history of design.

As you can imagine, it's important for set designers to have an understanding of visual and social history in order to design well for the stage. Two productions I've designed for SFSU use Victorian architecture. Both In the Next Room (left) and Much Ado About Nothing allowed me to do a lot of research in this time period.

Now, a book published in 2015 has peaked my interest in all things Victorian again, but this time by a couple living the Victorian life in our own era. This Victorian Life by Sarah A. Chrisman, is "part memoir, part micro-history", an "exploration of the present through the lens of the past." Check it out and let me know what you think. Ms. Chrisman has also written Victorian Secrets, which I hope to pick up as well.

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