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Are you ready for your next live event?

Are you ready for your next live event?

Exceed your event goals with eye-catching
scenic and graphic design.

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Visual Communication for Business
and the Performing Arts
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performing arts.

design for the

performing arts

Live theatrical productions demand an environment that pulls the viewer into the story, 
Along with direction, lights, costumes and sound, the setting surrounds the story like a blanket, gradually unfolding to it's bare truth. 
Take your production to the next step by creating conceptual and impactful design that will leave your audience wanting more. Contact me at and let's journey to a new theatrical experience together.​


design for your live

business or charitable event


Whether you need help with branding, collateral, electronic or event design, let Lynn Grant Design get you ready for your next live event—online or in person (when available). With my experience designing in both corporate marketing and live events, I'll work with your team to create the best visual approach to your graphic design and event needs.
My client's satisfaction is of the utmost importance. With a calm and efficient approach, we'll create a working relationship that you'll want to come back to time and again. Let's take your organization's message to the next level of success! Contact me below.

art & design


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Student shows off her classroom setting based on the children's book "Miss Nelson is Missing".

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Set Design Workshop at Gunn High School.

After School Arts & Crafts

Does your child like to get their hands dirty with paint, or create with paper, scissors and glue? Let your imagination run wild while learning fun techniques for creating art. Stories from around the world will be our inspiration in these small group experiences. 


Classes run in a series of four weeks at a time. Buy the whole month at $25/class or drop in for $30/class in my home in Greenmeadow neighborhood.


Arts & Crafts 2022

Classes are open! We'll meet inside or outside as needed.

Set Design Workshops

In June of 2018, I developed a series of classes teaching high school students about set design,  The Art and Craft of Set Design is a series of workshops that teaches students about set design's creative and technical process. Students learn important principles of art and design from analyzing scripts, brainstorming ideas, and collaborating with other theater students. It's also an art class. We create sketches and build imaginative environments—all designed to be fun and relaxing.

What students learn:

-The basics of set design

-How setting influences the story

-Setting as metaphor

-What inspires set design

-Collaboration: the creative team

-What we see and what we feel

-Elements and principles of design






lynn grant


A Visual Storyteller
I've been a designer for a long time. A freelancer most of my career, I struck out on my own after working in-house for several agencies. In time, I acquired my own clients, working in the technology, health and education fields. Ten years later, I started a family and continued to keep my hands in many creative projects. Around that time I found myself involved in a local haunted house. I helped out regularlywith my kids (who are a little warped, as a result), until I became part of the team—designing rooms and graphics for Scaremeadow Haunted House. 
From that community experience I was inspired to pursue an Master of Fine Arts in Technical Theater/Design from San Francisco State University. A decade of set and event design continues to delight and employ me. On the side, I teach arts and crafts to groups of children ('cause they're just so darn cute, and it'll be a while before I'm a grandma.)
Join me as I continue my way as a visual storyteller, bringing together the worlds of 2D and 3D design! Let's talk about your next design project.​ Click here for a list of productions​ or to read my resumé. You can also tell me about your experience with LGD by leaving your testimonials and comments below.


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Visual Communication for Business
and the Performing Arts

Palo Alto, California



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