Are you ready for your next live event?

Are you ready for your next live event?

Exceed your event goals with eye-catching
scenic and graphic design.

Visual Communication for Business
and the Performing Arts


performing arts


I'm celebrating ten years as a set designer! What began with designing for a local haunted house has turned into a decade of set and event design for both the corporate and theater arts community. Join me as I continue on my way as a visual storyteller, bringing the together the worlds of of 2D and 3D design! Let's talk about your next design project.
Click here for list of productions​ and here for my resumé.
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Set Design Workshop at Gunn High School.


In June of 2018, I developed a series of classes teaching high school students about set design,  The Art and Craft of Set Design is a series of workshops that teaches students about set design's creative and technical process. Students learn important principles of art and design from analyzing scripts, brainstorming ideas, and collaborating with other theater students. It's also an art class. We create sketches and build imaginative environments—all designed to be fun and relaxing.

What students learn:

-The basics of set design

-How setting influences the story

-Setting as metaphor

-What inspires set design

-Collaboration: the creative team

-What we see and what we feel

-Elements and principles of design

-Creating a set together

Student shows off her classroom setting based on the children's book "Miss Nelson is Missing".


Do you like to get your hands dirty with paint, or to create with paper, scissors and glue? Let your imagination run wild while learning fun techniques for creating art. Stories from around the world will be our inspiration in these small group experiences. 


 Classes run in a series of four weeks at a time. Buy the whole month at $20/class or drop in for $25/class in my home in Greenmeadow neighborhood.


Arts & Crafts 2020

Tuesdays     3:30-5PM    

Elementary Age

Models & Puppets    

Thursdays    3:30-5PM    

Elementary*& Middle School   


Set Design Workshop    

Saturdays    3:30-5PM    

Middle School & High School

*Students must be able to use art supplies responsibly.



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